2004-12-11 21:48:18 ET

I think that people use those three little words way too often. So often, in fact, that they have lost touch with their meaning.
"I love you"
bitch no you don't! its not a goddamn catch phrase!! You don't fucking love me an i know it. so don't fucking say it!

2004-12-11 21:56:21 ET

I agree with that.
I think that too many people toss the words around too often, with little meaning behind them ... or they don't understand how deep the emotion can run, and how special those three little words can be.

I've only felt love for one person so far, but I know that I could never use the word to describe anything less than the way I felt.

2004-12-11 23:18:08 ET

um yeah.

my trouble-girl went so far as to tell me she doubts I understand love, because she thinks it's something crazy and incapacitating and I don't.

also, she says she has "love for so many people, and she's not going to give it to just one person" until she decides who she wants to have kids with. Yeah right. I guess that sounds more diplomatic than saying "I'm a horny 21-year-old."

SO naturally I think that when she says love, she means lust, desire, intoxication or anything but love. It's just a term that people pick up from a sick culture and religiously misapply.

this is why she's trouble. among other things.

2004-12-12 02:06:44 ET

i dont think love is anything you can understand, or explain love, because if you tried to define it it would seem the same as lust or desire.

but love is a feeling that many people in the world sadly never get to experience, even if they think they love someone..

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