2004-12-12 01:55:56 ET

well, i did it. i reenlisted for fort rucker. I got 10 grand tax free out of the deal. I signed for six years. something must be wrong with me.

2004-12-12 02:04:15 ET

woah! 6 years!?? that means u have to be there for 6 years?!

well, at least you wont be where all the danger is.

2004-12-12 02:11:43 ET

no, lol not HERE per se. i don't have to be in the desert for six years. just in the Army.

2004-12-12 02:20:46 ET

wooo... that's pretty crazy O_o...

2004-12-12 02:21:14 ET


2004-12-12 02:22:29 ET

ohh.. good.

but still 6 years?

thats a long time.
my brother has 3 years left and that seems like too long for me.

2004-12-12 02:27:58 ET

eh, i planned on staying in my 20 and retiring anyway

2004-12-12 02:30:14 ET

yea there is a plus to retiring in the army... but still sounds rough... that's one reason i'd like to go, but at the sametime i'd be kinda worried to go... not sure what i'd have to give up to be there... but the retirement plans are pretty good

2004-12-12 02:32:42 ET

yeah, it definately took me a long time to get adjusted, but once you do, its not a bad gig. benefits are awesome and the retirement is really good. plus, i'll be retired at 43 years old

2004-12-12 02:35:26 ET

i had thought about going into the navy but i decided that the only way i would do it is if James left me, because then i wouldnt have anything keeping me here. but i love james and he severely doesnt want me to go into any US military, mainly coz he thinks that i'll die.

2004-12-12 02:37:13 ET

haha! well, i guess thats a legitimate concern. However, just because a person is in the military doesn't mean they are going to die. haha, i'm in the middle of Baghdad and I'm fine.

2004-12-12 02:56:15 ET

ya but he doesnt wanna chance it.
i mainly wanted to go coz the navy gives you free college.

2004-12-12 09:02:36 ET

Class A Reenlistment? Did you get Tax Free cause you did it in a combat zone, right?

2004-12-12 19:18:20 ET


2004-12-12 21:08:40 ET

Well good luck with that. I used to think I could do twenty but my heart isn't in it anymore. I am sure you will do well.

2004-12-13 05:05:35 ET

Wow, good luck man, I think we need to find you a position stateside though =)

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