2004-12-19 08:14:21 ET

goodlord!!! why is my my libido the size of TEXAS???

2004-12-19 08:46:00 ET

Because it should be.

2004-12-19 09:00:27 ET

the potential of death causes it.

because the animal part of the brain realizes it can live on through offspring.

2004-12-19 10:59:24 ET

Because it's a Texas thang.

That and you're not around very many women or opportunities for wild random sex.

2004-12-19 16:02:08 ET

agrees with siren

lack of women makes you want them more!

2004-12-19 17:54:24 ET

yup ... pretty much.

2004-12-19 18:44:01 ET

*blinx gets weird look of confusion trying to remember what libido means....REMEMBERS*
so where do you live?

2004-12-20 02:39:34 ET

hahaha, i like that reaction phaery.

2004-12-20 06:38:17 ET

Hola... I am back. Your page is hard to read now... the colours and background graphics. Anyway, i'll be reading though to see how you've been the past 2 months.

2004-12-20 16:02:36 ET

i decided the best way to read pete's page is to make ur text black

2004-12-20 16:35:20 ET

I always just select the text with control-A, that way it all converts to
my highlight colors.

2004-12-21 01:25:26 ET

lol i live in texas, tabbers

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