2005-04-06 12:11:51 ET

Vasa and I got awarded combat spurrs for our uniforms last night at the awards banquet. pretty badass

2005-04-06 12:19:04 ET



2005-04-06 13:30:22 ET

combat spurrs? is that like cowboy boot spurrs??

2005-04-06 13:46:23 ET

I first read that as "Vasa and I got awarded combat purses...". Which might not be so good, even if they were Louis Vuitton.
Congratulations, anyway!

2005-04-06 16:48:01 ET

hehe spurrs.

2005-04-06 18:05:45 ET

OOOO spurrs. Congratulations!

2005-04-06 19:21:36 ET

yup, like coyboy boot spurrs, because of the cavalry. we can even wear them in ceremonies with our combat boots. RAWK!

2005-04-06 19:53:45 ET

haha, take a picture of that and show me, this i gotta see!

2005-04-07 07:27:00 ET

o_0 I thought you meant a PIN like spurrs. I didn't know they were real spurs LOL

grats though.

2005-04-07 07:47:44 ET

yup they are real

2005-04-07 07:48:17 ET

ahahaha awesome.

2005-04-07 14:05:34 ET

Tight. I live on Fort Hood, my stepdad is 1st Calv. Damn I didn't think I'd find any locals on sk.

2005-04-08 05:02:41 ET

Justyne is from fort hood too.
vasa is ...somewhere in texas. obviously hehe.

2005-04-08 06:27:56 ET

fort hood. vasa and i are in the same unit

2005-04-08 08:52:31 ET

can you wear riding boots with BDUs? THAT plus spurs would be way cool.

Congratulations, young brotha.

2005-04-08 09:33:59 ET

Don't talk shit, sub. No one likes you because you're not part of the fort hood elistist.

And pete, those spurs and stetsons are so gay. Seriously. I don't know why people think it's cool to wear them with combat boots and BDUs. if keith ever gets stuck in those, Im giving him the paperwork for the divorce :-D

ALSO: BBQ at my house all day tomorrow. So come over. :-D

2005-04-08 09:47:31 ET

LOL who's talking shit?!

oh the comment about Vasa obviously being from texas? only in the context of the entry Tin4!

2005-04-08 09:51:35 ET

You wanna fight? I'll smack you around, and you'll like it! :-D

2005-04-08 10:05:42 ET

... yeah I will.

2005-04-08 12:04:54 ET

well whatever, the point is...I think they are badass!

2005-04-08 13:48:00 ET

ack. Keith just called my bluff. He's being awarded golden spurs soon and he's buying a Stetson in the next few months.

I guess you two can be bad ass together now, pete. :)

2005-04-08 13:49:37 ET


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