2005-04-20 09:54:15 ET

so today a pen leaked in the pocket of my FAVORITE shorts :(

2005-04-20 09:58:35 ET

hairspray will get rid of ink stains, if it's really bad maybe you could soak it in hairspray?

2005-04-20 10:00:34 ET

wow!!! thanks Jolie!!! you are awesome! you just made my day lots better!! :) :) :) :)

2005-04-20 10:01:06 ET

BIG UPS TO JOLIE *snaps fingers*

2005-04-20 10:01:16 ET

not a problem :D i hope it works for you!

2005-04-20 10:02:29 ET

does the time interval matter between when it happened and when i try to clean it? it just happened this morning

2005-04-20 10:07:59 ET

no it shouldn't. just spray/soak the area really really good with hairspray (the cheap kinds work best), then rinse with cold water, then spray it again, repeat until it's gone or almost gone. the ink will start to spread out when you spray the hairspray on it, but don't worry it will eventally rinse out. you'll end up with a really stiff pair of shorts, but if you just wash them like normal afterwards they'll come out good as new!

2005-04-20 10:08:51 ET

lol thats awesome Jolie!!!

2005-04-20 10:09:56 ET

That the 7th grad I was chewing on a pen and it burst in my mouth. I looked like I got in a fight with a squid.

2005-04-20 10:15:30 ET

oh man!!!

2005-04-20 10:49:27 ET

cool jolie thnx for the tip.... i know that saliva takes out blood stains... time is a major factor in that though... it has to be within a few hours of it happening... shouldn't be over 5 or 6 and it HAS to be the person's saliva that made the blood stain... ionno how or why it works but it does.... many times have i taken blood stains outta white clothing among other various colored clothing....

2005-04-20 10:50:25 ET

P.s. I used to brawl a LOT...

2005-04-20 11:42:05 ET

I HATE it when that happens.

And hairspray really does work. Once, I fountain pen exploded on my WHITE sheets, and hairspray got it all out.

2005-04-20 12:51:52 ET

that really sucks.

2005-04-20 13:14:16 ET

thats what pocket protectors are for, you know, we could all learn something from the geeks of the world. *grin*

2005-04-20 13:23:20 ET

lol thanks Killer :)

2005-04-21 05:18:06 ET


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