2005-05-06 12:47:03 ET

o.k. so i have this much figured out.
i need to lose a couple of pounds that i gained when i got back. this will improve my run time for my pt test at pldc. I am upping my workout to cardio and muscle strength every day instead of alternating days. i have 2 weeks. if i get back down to my normal weight i should get faster and coupled with my new workout routine i should be able to improve my time at least some. I was running a 14:30 2 miles and now i'm running a 16:09. gotta get that back down, because my cutoff is 16:42. thats way to close for me.

2005-05-06 13:01:18 ET

im glad i dont have to worry about that kinda stuff.. i just eat and watch tv..

2005-05-06 14:11:46 ET

You run about what I run. My last recordable PT test I ran at 14:31. Still crap with push up and sit ups though. 51 and 50.

2005-05-06 15:14:20 ET

thats where i am abouts. i got a 51 on my push ups and a 58 on sit ups for my test the other day

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