2005-05-09 08:06:47 ET

prostitiute, i hayt u
put down the oreo kraykers and sopt doing the saix

2005-05-09 08:07:28 ET


2005-05-09 08:10:03 ET

darn it, i cant click on that at school.. will check it out in 2 hours.

2005-05-09 08:22:34 ET

its hilarious

2005-05-09 08:36:34 ET

AHAHAHA groupx! love it

2005-05-09 10:19:27 ET

oh my god.. cottage cheese thighs...hahahahaha

2005-05-09 13:19:42 ET

bang bang bang is much cooler.

2005-05-09 14:05:56 ET

my dad has been singing the too many guys song since i showed it to him.

2005-05-09 15:14:00 ET


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