2005-06-26 17:58:30 ET

so i'm drunk again
it seems my stupid goddamn friends have a problem with it
the only time they give a shit stupid fucks
i'm having a good time

fuck em

if you don't look out for you, noone else will

2005-06-26 20:12:07 ET

exactly! If u dont look out for yourself no one else gives a damn.

2005-06-26 20:16:30 ET

lol! fuck the battle buddies, watch your own back. That's the way of it. If they can't have a good time.. like you said fuck 'em

2005-06-27 06:52:44 ET

why does it seem that military people always drink. like my brother never drinks or anything, as soon as he got into the Navy he started drinking.. its weird

2005-06-27 07:05:40 ET

only thing to really do around here.. ft. bragg is horrible with the drinking. for some reason the Army depresses people or something.

2005-06-27 10:59:16 ET

well, they feel like slaves.. of course theyre depressed

2005-06-27 13:56:11 ET

The Army depresses people... SO damn true.

Hey, if you wanna drink, fill UP that Kegger cup and have at it! You always have a drinkin buddy here. hehe.

2005-06-27 14:27:34 ET


2005-06-27 17:00:52 ET

I'll buy you a drink next Christmas, young brotha. We'll go to Indy or Louisville or something.

2005-06-28 01:52:50 ET

man. nate hasn't had a drink in so damn long. then again he's in power school and what with all the studying it'd be stupid to be drinking right now.

and i never wanna become the navy wife who drinks away the tears during deployment. that'd suck.

but man. nate and i need a drink after having the kids here for a month.

2005-06-28 17:04:29 ET

It becomes a great way to blow off stress. I spent the four months between Afghanistan and Iraq smashed off of my ass.

2005-06-28 17:08:53 ET

hell yeah bro, i don't blame you at all

2005-06-28 17:12:10 ET

But thankfully, I broke myself of that habit.

2005-06-28 17:12:34 ET

i wish there could be a better relief for you. my own conviction is to not drink too much.

it's hard to show the tremendous support and love i have for all the troops out there.

2005-06-28 17:32:47 ET

its better than them coming home and killing their wives/gf's or family. told Adam if he even gives me one funny look when he gets back I'd hurt him severely. ha!

2005-06-28 19:16:11 ET

Guess we know who runs that household.

2005-06-29 05:30:46 ET

lol.. damn straight!!

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