2005-06-27 20:08:28 ET

lol MAN i love that song!!!

just wait til ya see my dick...
i'ma beat that pussy up

2005-06-27 21:33:23 ET

heh..what song would that be? im not familiar with it

2005-06-28 04:02:09 ET

is that a rap song?? perhaps thats why i dont know it.. it sounds dirty

2005-06-28 04:25:15 ET

yea it kind does sound like a rap song, maybe thats why i dont know it either

2005-06-28 08:51:45 ET

lol its quite dirty
its by the yinyang twins - "wait"

2005-06-28 16:05:13 ET

never heard of them. they good

2005-06-28 20:00:06 ET

Haha...I LOVE THAT SONG! I'ma beat that cat with a dog! Like Bahm Bahm Bahm Bahm, beat the pussy up, beat the pussy up! HAha!

2005-06-29 02:23:20 ET


2005-06-29 04:43:25 ET

:-D While all the other artists were just beating around the bush about it...they just went all out and said it. Plus the edited version is funny and probably just as good as the unedited.

2005-06-29 04:49:41 ET

still never heard it

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