2005-08-03 17:39:09 ET

so i need to get my prescription renewed, because I realized i'm pretty much only happy now when i'm either playing my sax or working out. and thats a very small percentage of the day.

2005-08-03 18:01:33 ET

ahh.. thats sad.. be happy.

2005-08-03 18:02:28 ET

oh i will be :)

2005-08-04 12:35:50 ET

I play the sax!

And I got my prescription renewed yesterday.


2005-08-04 12:41:03 ET

you rawk!!!!

2005-08-04 12:43:53 ET

Don't let THAT go to my head, or it may be hazardous to everyone's health! ;)

2005-08-04 16:10:06 ET

Pete-face! :-D

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