where ya be?
2003-06-30 07:14:42 ET

where are all my buds? message me or SOMETHING

2003-06-30 07:15:39 ET

i dont know...look under your bed

2003-06-30 07:16:06 ET

lol thanks. OH THERE THEY ARE!

2003-06-30 07:16:33 ET

lol see!

2003-06-30 07:17:37 ET

LOL thanks bunches. i lost my remote too, maybe its under there?

2003-06-30 07:18:57 ET

no thats in your boots

2003-06-30 07:28:13 ET

I think it may be up your bum, you silly boy

2003-06-30 08:31:01 ET


2003-06-30 08:37:35 ET

yes, me too, but its more emotionally drained than anything

2003-07-01 07:02:26 ET

Hey ladies!!!!!!!!!!! i've missed ya. where have you been?

2003-07-01 09:40:04 ET

up my bum, and its getting crowded

2003-07-01 09:41:37 ET

lol all of ya? you've all been in killer's bum?

2003-07-01 09:43:52 ET

i think its bleeding now..

2003-07-01 09:51:21 ET

lol better stuff some bandaids up there

2003-07-03 09:16:52 ET


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