big bang
2008-06-26 19:04:38 ET

If the world exploded, would that be okay?

2008-06-26 19:02:27 ET

I just had some friends over and we played Halo and Rock Band while I got a little drunk. I'm still a little drunk. I haven't been this way for quite awhile. That's okay though. I feel like that's an okay sort of thing. IN fact . . . I'm typing with my eyes closed so I can enter a sort of stream of consiousness while being mildly drunk. Is that okay with you? I hope so. I n never wanted to offend anybody, but I try so hard that it happens any way I'm sorry about all that and stuff. I don't know what I'm typing but once again thats okay. I think I'll fall asleep righ there in front of the comp listening to oasis so I'll see you all in the morning. "Wonderwall"

The attraction of women
2008-06-25 13:53:06 ET

I am attracted to attractive women. It's a curse. You see, I was looking over my sk friends and I find that only one is a dude. I don't know what it is. I'm very happily married, no interest in anyone outside of our relationship. I think women are just better to talk to, more fun to hang out with, and, regardless of whether I'm married or not, women are certainly better to look at than men.

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