More on Lakenheath
2008-06-25 13:01:41 ET

So, I'm going to England after I graduate out of my SETS classes. That should be around late October and I get 20 days of leave before work actually starts, so maybe I'll take Suzy to Ireland to celebrate Samhain. At any rate, Lakenheath is 70 miles north of London and only 25 miles away from Cambridge. Now Cambridge doesn't accept part time students (I don't think) so maybe if we stay in the UK after my enlistment I'll stay in England and finish my bachelor's degree there. How cool would a degree from the famous 800 year old university be? Fuckin' cool as hell is how much!

Lakenheath RAF
2008-06-08 03:41:12 ET

I'm going to England bitches!

2008-05-26 15:10:20 ET

Somebody give me sword! I'd fuck some people up if only I had a sword!

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