2006-08-14 06:42:45 ET

I want THIS!


Sad people
2006-08-09 23:55:52 ET

Why are people so sad? I think that all psychologists should have a spring loaded bed in their office so their patients can jump up and down on it while eating skittles. Seriously, don't M&Ms make people happy? They make me happy. . .

Ah, fuck it
2006-08-04 01:42:32 ET

Okay, so I begin this security gig five weeks ago. The first week I'm told I'll be working the Walmart at Cortaro Farms, but I later find out that I'm not and should go ahead and work AFNI (my former site from way back) and so I do. The following week I'm told that I'm working that same Walmart and so I show up and find out I'm not, or maybe I am, or maybe I'm not. I'm told to show up the next day and do, but have to argue with the guy that it is MY shift.

Next week I'm told that I work the Walmart on La Cholla (third week here) and so I show up but once again find that I am not. The next day I worked at the Red Roof Inn for some hours, but that's all I got that week.

The following week I'm told to work the Walmart on La Cholla, and so I show up and after some arguing get to work three (oh my god, THREE!) shifts there.

Now, this week, week five on our countdown to implosion, I'm supposed to work the same shifts I did last week. I show up tonight and find out that I'm not and so . . . anybody hiring?
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