Transexual martial artists
2006-05-13 23:14:22 ET

Has anyone here ever heard of either Madame Sata or Nong Tum. They're both people who are very respected in their arts. Madame Sata was a famous capoeirsta who was also a drag performer and homosexual. He was a bulwark against stereotypes in Brazil, a symbol for both the ex-slave generations and homosexuals there.

Nong Tum grew up being picked on for being effeminite, so he studied Muay Thai. Having a natural abillity he became a well respected champion in Thailand but wasn't allowed to compete in the sport anymore because there isn't a women's division in Thailand. She still competes in exhibition manages though and is respected symbol in Thailand.

I find it a source of pride that we martial artists have formed a community where people of all kinds can flourish. Also, I think this really speaks volumes for the martial arts abillity to help a person overcome adversity.

. . .
2006-05-11 13:42:07 ET

My wife has just told me that my penis is like a velvet teddy bear with a brick stuffed inside. . . I'm not sure what that means.

2006-05-06 10:03:32 ET

The other night I noticed someone knocking on my door. 'Who is this?' I thought to myself as I rose from the recliner, not even bothering to lower the leg rest. Opening the door I found myself face to face with a strange african-american woman whom I had never seen before. She looked me straight in the eye like I should have been expecting her. Her mouth opened and she said, "Kevin said you could help me move a king size bed railing down the street in your truck."

Now, why would my good friend Kevin offer my truck to strangers without informing me?

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