The facade we hide behind
2006-04-11 00:39:37 ET

It is of interesting note to me the similiarities existing between ancient tribal cultures and more contemperary life styles. In certain tribes of Africa it is considered beautiful to have the lip plate in one's lip, or incredible gaugings on earings, so on and so forth. I would think that this must be piece of our collective unconsious of which Car Jung spoke of so elloquently. I say this because of the exact semi-bizarre ideals of beauty held in places like Orange County, where it's considered attractive to rip out one's eyebrows only to redraw them with pencils, or inject shrew saliva into one's face to paralize the muscles.

2006-04-06 20:51:29 ET

I was going to add something relevant, but I've go 3250 words due on tuesday, so not right now.

2006-04-05 08:16:17 ET

Has your peripheral vision ever gone black just before fainting?

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