England, finally
2008-12-15 08:41:34 ET

I've finally reached Lakenheath. I arrived here on Saturday and am staying in billeting (on base hotel) until I can find an apartment or house to live in. I've only just been able to visit the Cyber Cafe here to get online. Anyway, I have family I need to update as to my whereabouts so I'll put something more definite here later.
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About to go
2008-12-01 00:12:56 ET

I'll be gone for I don't know how long. The movers pick up my stuff tomorrow and I will be without a computer or the internet for quite some time. Well, England, here I come.

The story
2008-11-29 17:08:28 ET

The novel is coming along well. I'm forcing myself to write no less than 400 words every day. Today I wrote a dream sequence for the main character and I think its okay. I'll hand it to the wife tomorrow to see what she thinks. I hoping for the adjective 'terrifying.'

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