Something Else New
2008-11-22 10:16:04 ET

So the story is coming along nicely. I've only got about 10 typed pages. However, I have developed characters in my mind along with a rough skeleton of a plot line. Fleshing out remains to be done. I'll work on it more after I go see Twilight with Suzy.

Something New
2008-11-16 04:31:06 ET

I've started writing again. It feels good. I don't think the story is much right now, but it is certainly developing a plot much faster than any of my other projects. I'm pulling a lot right now out of various Celtic fairy tales and myths. So far only one chapter is done, but it is a start and soon enough, I'm hoping, it will turn into something actually worth my time.
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2008-11-14 02:29:52 ET

When I get out of the military I'm not going to shave until I have a Gandalf beard.

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