Know what I mean?
2008-11-08 22:03:02 ET

A term we use regularly when conversing with other people. "You know what I mean," is used to try to convey to someone that your definition of a particular word/phrase is different from the standard, yet understood enough to be used in common conversation. I don't much care for this phrase because when arguing a point some people will try to fall back on this, implying that their point is still valid even though you've produced an effective counter-argument, because you've been arguing something else altogether. Well, apparently, I don't know what you mean, so can we please lay out some defining guidelines, maybe those guidelines that govern the language we are speaking currently? If we've gotten to the point where we cannot be understood clearly by speakers of our own language then it is high time we either restructure education (so our children can at least have better linguistic skills than their parents) or create a new and effective language. Something we can all understand completely, forever ridding us of 'miss-communication.'

Logical Beings
2008-10-25 21:16:21 ET

Why is that on the whole human beings tend to be exceedingly non-rational creatures? We know how to create rational thought, define and use logic, and can force ourselves and over time teach ourselves to think rationally. However, we don't do it naturally. It takes years of studied practice to become rational. It even seems to me that that humans may be the least rational creature on the planet. Every other animal follows logic like this: a) I am hungry; b)If I eat something, I will not be hungry; c) I will go get something to eat. Humans don't naturally seem to work this way. In fact, I doubt seriously that we can outline how a human would approach something as primitive as hunger. Just look at us. We eat when we're fat and not even close to hungry, and the starve ourselves when we're rail thin. And food is just the easiest example to relate to other species. Consider breeding, migration, social groups, environmental coexistence, etc. This isn't meant to be an issue of how to make humans logical and rational, nor a critique on our culture today, but rather a question as to the 'why' we are this way.

2008-10-20 11:22:28 ET

I'm very close to graduating tech school (huzzah)! In fact, I grad on Thursday, but I'm still stuck on admin hold until my orders are issued. I already know that I'm going to England and will probably be living in Cambridge.

Now though, I've been looking at getting back into college to finish (begin really, but after eight years of college you hardly "begin" anything) my Philosophy degree. Living in Cambridge it becomes very tempting to try to go school there. Trouble is that I'm not sure if they accept part-time students (which I would have to be, being active duty). Even if they do I'm not sure if my TA and GI bill will pay for a foreign University. But can you imagine the weight of having a B.A. degree from Cambridge would carry when applying to a grad program? The home of minds like Frank Ramsay, Bertrand Russell, and Ludwig Wittgenstein? I could apply to any grad program in the USA and get accepted. I suppose I'll have to talk to the education office in Lakenheath for more info.

On the down side, since I'm going overseas and the military won't pay to transport my cats, I have to give them up. It makes me super sad, but there's nothing for it but to do my best to ensure they end up in good homes.

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