It doesn't hurt when you die
2004-03-11 20:42:33 ET

I hate when people complain. People whine about little pains like burns and things. I could on and on about old injuries that still bother me, all from fighting and motorcycle crashes, but I don't. No one wants to hear and can't really sympathize anyway.

2004-03-11 20:49:40 ET

i feel the same way, but i complain about my hand from time to time, but theirs is minor and just annoys me when they complain about it

2004-03-11 20:52:08 ET

umm...wait....are we complaining about people who complain? i do that alll the time. *nod*

welcome by the way.

2004-03-11 21:52:26 ET

Word..& welcome

2004-03-12 06:02:26 ET

welcome darling but dont sound so unhappy. :yawn: ok class time.

2004-03-12 07:41:52 ET

beinvenue! the addiction should begin in a few seconds...feel it!

2004-03-12 09:06:44 ET


2004-03-12 10:17:30 ET

too true. what kind of bike you got, btw?

2004-03-12 10:44:17 ET

2000 Yamaha V-Star with the 1100 cc engine. And I'll try to be happier sleepysmile.

2004-03-12 11:51:45 ET


2004-03-12 14:22:43 ET

Welcome! and congrats on hitting the midget..

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