Interesting observations
2004-03-12 17:45:46 ET

Why do tattoo touch-ups hurt more than the original? They don't really hurt, but they do hurt worse. Wait, that doesn't make any sense. That's okay, I rarely make sense. I didn't go to the dojang today. Rebecca was teaching and she teaches taekwondo as though it was taebo. We are not there to do cheerleading. We are there to become fighters. That's okay though. Instead I drank coffee and started work on a new D&D campaign (feel free to make fun of my exesive geekiness).

2004-03-12 18:00:00 ET

I think it is because when your getting a new one done they dont keep moving around so you have a chance for the area to numb.

2004-03-12 18:00:07 ET

hey man.. there is nothing wrong with being geeky!!!! and i'd tell someone i'm busy if it meant that i could ride a motorcycle instead

2004-03-12 18:12:25 ET

woa. super geek. but its cool. i had to do taebo in summer gym a few years ago. i was fun as long as i didnt think about it.

2004-03-13 13:13:17 ET

D&D is beyond awesome, nothing to make fun of.
So are magic cards.

but if you bust out with Pokemon or something. . the laughter will commence

2004-03-13 14:31:26 ET

r.e. tattoos: I find that the skin over my tattoos is more sensitive than anywhere else on my body, maybe from deep nerve stimuli? That could be why touch-ups hurt more.

Hooray for random theories.

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