Ali died!!!
2004-03-13 20:03:30 ET

Today I played D&D with my buddies. My character Aleator (Ali) died. He was slaughtered by a pair of zombies. My comrades stole all his stuff. The body was carted outside the dungeon then burried with a halfling mourning song. It was cool.

Also, my buddy broke up with her boyfriend. I've spent the past couple days helping her move her stuff outa the apartment. I can see why she broke up with the guy. The place is wreck. Half empty coke cans & chinese take out lying all over everything. I know this guy sorta too. Plays computer games all day and is just a slob. How can people live like that?

2004-03-14 09:49:15 ET

My ex was like that. Woke up played video games...might get up to eat...while he played video games...and the cycle would continue.

2004-03-14 13:30:32 ET

if people can possible live like that and i mean really live it's rather strange and sounds boring

2004-03-14 20:22:23 ET

I'm slowly begining to understand that people can live in filth. Mind you, I'm slightly ocd. My 300+ cds are arranged in alphabetical order by artist followed by chronologically by release date. Other things like how I put away plastic cups is very organized.

2004-03-15 04:12:42 ET

I guess I have yet to see people live like that and actually live. and i do that with my cds too so don't worry about it! ;P

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