2004-07-07 00:42:33 ET

I was thinking about what to write when I remembered I just bought a god awful movie for 2 dollars from the pharmacy. I must go watch this horrible thing to make certain it's bad enough for poor theatre night on saturday. I'll let you know if it leaves me in a coma.

2004-07-07 03:25:10 ET

eek coma isn't cool.. you know what i just realized by reading your page? no i guess you wouldn't since i haven't told you.. but i love minesweeper and i haven't played it in so long.. wow..

2004-07-07 05:19:03 ET

hahahha 2 dollar movie! whats it called?

2004-07-07 19:33:15 ET

The new one is "Warrior of Justice" and the other one is, get this, "First Action Hero".

2004-07-08 07:38:28 ET

First action hero? omfg I NEED to see that LOL

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