2004-08-10 06:06:56 ET

So, I'm back at bartending school & I'm going back to TKD today. Fuck the doc, I need to practice. I always hate taking time off from the dojang. I get all ancy and short tempered and don't sleep well. My foot may still hurt, but I can deal with pain. But I wish I studied harder during my time away from the bar. I've forgotten all the drinks and now I'm afraid I won't be able to pass the final. I think I might ask Sheila if I can retake the first week next week as a refresher. I'll wait untill thursday though and study my ass off untill then. Late.

2004-08-10 06:31:07 ET

bartending would be so kewl.. i could make awesome tips.. and don't worry you will be able to do it.. just try to practise

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