2004-08-25 10:47:09 ET

I have applied all over town. I mean all over. From Ina to Irvington, Silverbell to Sarnoff. I finally found a promising prospect at the new Olive Garden location. They're opening in a month and are looking for any half promising applicant for all posisitions. I have the second interview tomorrow. Wish me luck.

2004-08-25 10:52:42 ET

luck! <3

2004-08-25 11:20:43 ET

Interviews are terrifying, I have one today! Good luck with yours--2nd interview is always a good sign :)

2004-08-25 20:00:20 ET

I hate the job thing, well the looking for a job thing. the job itself is pretty good.

2004-08-26 20:39:40 ET

LOl...money is always appreciated, even if jobs are generally annoying :P

2004-08-27 05:21:12 ET

It's now a "We'll call you if we have a posistion for you." I hate that, but on the plus side they did ask if I had any questions for them . . . I hate it when you don't know how well the interview went.

2004-08-27 09:16:29 ET

Fingers crossed for ya man!

2004-08-29 18:56:42 ET

I know what you mean

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