2006-06-19 03:12:03 ET

I got used to going to sleep in the wee hours of the morning already (again)
even though me and jo got off around 2:30 here I am still awake.I guess I'll just stay up until my sister calls.also I just found out that jo isnt asleep yet (YES) this means I'm not the only one awake (which rules)

I guess thats it for now.

thats all.

2006-06-19 03:22:13 ET

youre still a douche.

also i kicked you off the internet while you were writing this, next time DONT SHUT YOUR DOOR.

2006-06-19 03:31:43 ET

Welcome to SK *does the happy dance* OH YEAH OH YEAH
there are lots of good things in the van do not be frightened.
*whispers* the van will be here soon.

2006-06-19 04:20:20 ET

i remember that van.. vaguely /pukes

2006-06-19 05:35:50 ET

That's the only way to sleep.

2006-06-19 10:04:58 ET

Willnotconform: You had too much of the candy in the van you should not have eaten so much and you would not be sick.

2006-06-19 10:11:30 ET

Welcome to SK
more addictive than porn

2006-06-19 12:06:24 ET

Welcome to SK!

Get i the van. >:O

2006-06-19 13:47:20 ET

welcome miss.
I see you have Hilary Briss in your gallery.
Does he get you any of that...
*looks around***
special stuff?

2006-06-19 14:12:42 ET

why hello sarah, and weeeelllcomeee

someone will be here soon to touch you.

2006-06-19 15:37:32 ET

thank you for welcoming me (everyone)
spacematt: yeah.....I have to go to the butcher shop in the wee hours of the morning and knock on the door and say "hilary....I'm.........hungry"

2006-06-20 22:29:58 ET

i hate you ... and i love you all at the same time

2006-06-23 08:51:40 ET

Welcome stranger.

Cool, you're Mariana's bud.

2006-06-24 02:14:17 ET

yes, its true, I am in fact mariana's friend (I'm glad that makes me cool)

2006-06-26 05:55:21 ET

Late again as normal... but i still want to say Welcome to SK! :D *ps* If you see the Van.. try not to be afraid....try...

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