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someone once said this about me:

Sarah with an H. Skateboarder, Troublemaker, Heavy Sleeper.

 Im not good at things like this    2008-09-14 13:17:13 ET
yesterday, just hours after nearly everyone (but for sure everyone I talk to normally and feel comfortable with) went out of town, I sliced my index finger open with some scissors...and I was all alone, sister, brother in law, boy friend, roommate, everyone, all gone.

Im not a very good judge on weather or not cuts need stitches, and mine wasnt hurting so bad, so I figured as long as I got it to stop bleeding, I would be fine and not need stitches. so I put neosporin on it and wrapped it up so I could keep pressure on it.

today, when I woke up my finger was swollen, and my sister was back in town, so I went over to her house at 7am (very shortly after waking up) and made her look at my finger, she said it looked bad, so we went to the nearest urgent care.

when the doctor looked at my finger she said I should have came in yesterday, but that it was too late for stitches now because you have to have it stitched closed up to 12 hours after the cut...and it was longer than that.

so after making me cry while cleaning out the cut, she advised me (but said that I didnt hear it from her) to go get super glue and after letting the cut dry out, super glue it closed. I also had to get a perscription for infection, and then I was on my way.

Im not very good with things like that, and man my finger is killing me now, I wish I would have just gone yesterday.

 Mayor McCheese    2008-07-18 07:04:32 ET

 links    2008-06-23 11:38:42 ET
all day at work today Ive been reading these little jems. If you feel like it give them a go here are some of my favorites enjoy:

whoa....I didnt meant to post that many....but they are soOoOoO good!!!


 update    2008-06-16 10:05:27 ET
hey all, here is a little photo of the new addtion, if you havent already seen it.

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 I have never    2007-11-28 12:28:29 ET
had my allergies make me freak out like they are today. I can NOT stop sneezing, and I have snot dripping out of my nose like crazy....and it looks like I have been crying all day.


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