I havent been home alone in a long time    2007-07-14 14:31:25 ET
it sucks.

 ear update    2007-04-20 23:36:52 ET
so my ear didnt hurt nearly as bad as I thought it would. there was also very very much less blood then I thought there would be. all in all it was a really great experience, the piercer was really great and made sure to tell me everything before he started, and it didnt really hurt. I read tons of horror stories of pain and bleeding so I really thought it was going to hurt, but after having it done...it made me think that these stories I read must have been from people who didnt get it done by people who were really experienced...or maybe I just got lucky and didnt have difficulties.

anywho, Im really happy with my ear, its a bit swollen, but its lookin really good. 2 kudos to HTC for being awesome

 Ive been talking about it for years    2007-04-20 11:34:21 ET
now Im actually going to do it!
Im going to get my ear scalpeled today.....Im really really excited because my ears will finally match now....Im also really really scared...Ive been watching videos of people getting it done and looking at pictures of the aftermath so I am prepared...mostly Ive just seen a shit-ton of blood.

Im probably going to have a little mini freak out before its actually done....it will go a little something like this:

(real monsters)

 Im a robot    2007-04-18 00:09:16 ET
or at least I wish I was.

 YAY!    2007-02-09 15:23:38 ET
prism has funding!

sisterspit is coming to flagstaff!!!!

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