thateraisover    2007-11-18 21:07:16 ET
Its really hard for me to move on.

Its always when I really think I am okay, and I have moved past everything negative, that it comes back to hit me in the face.

yay for no sleep....again.

 hooray for Tide to-go    2007-11-17 10:44:11 ET
Im pretty amazed by it. it works really well.

it is saturday. I am at work, making up hours I missed. its actually really nice to work on the weekends. my manager isnt here (not that she's really bad or anything, its just nice to not have anyone making me feel like I need to pretend to work) well...nobody's really here. I got all the work I was supposed to get done in 4 hours done in about 1 hour. and since I have been interneting and putting together some mix cds. (FUN!) because today work rules...I am thinking of asking to work sometimes on saturdays to get overtime (which fucking rules!) all I have to do if I work on the weekends is call students for other people on my team. and then sit there any better way to get paid? I think not. (also, I still dont really do anything. so, I might as well work 3 or 4 hours on the weekends if Im not doing anything else...which Im not)

which brings me to my next topic. I think I need to find some sort of new hobby...or something. I dont ever do anything. I hang out with lisa and clyde (my sister and brother in law) all the time. I need to find other things to do that dont involve going shopping, and driving around phoenix. it takes forever to get anywhere here.

which brings me to my last and final topic. I need to find somewhere better to live. I dont know where its going to be. but its not going to be here. I really dont want to live here any longer than a year. (if I can even handle that) I want to stay working at this Im going to look up other places that have a University of Phoenix campus...I'll post back later with the resutls...maybe some of you will be interested in letting me know fun facts about the places Ive picked...and maybe you'll be able to help me decide.

well,thats all for now...Im off work in about 10 minutes WOO HOO!!!!!

 Halloween in cubes    2007-10-31 12:55:24 ET
me and another girl on my team at work (the only other person on my team who sits near me) dressed up for halloween today. I was a zombie, and she was a zombie killer.

there was a costume contest between everyone in thier own divisions. this was really awesome. the best costumes I saw were:

(this is in order of preference)
1.quail man (from doug....yes doug) he had the green vest, underpants over the shorts, and of course, the belt on his head.
2. Jesus (the character from the big lebowski) he had the purple jump suit, the bowling ball(and bag) and the hair was great
3.a pregnant zombie, complete with creepy arm coming out of her stomach.

these were the best ones I saw all day...but the thing is, none of them won the constest! the people who won first, second and third place were a girl wearing a cardboard box,a man dressed as a marine, and two girls dressed as hicks....none of them were that was dumb

but it was still a really fun day at work.

 all folders are up to date    2007-10-30 09:52:07 ET
I dont know why so many people that I work with think its okay to use the word gay in a negative way. (by this I mean using when you feel something is dumb, or not in your interest)

It really bothers me. I expected it to find myself running into maybe a few people that used the word gay this way, but not almost all the people I work with. I have heard everyone in the cubes around me describe something as gay when they didnt like it...I even heard one guy call one of the other enrollment teams "team fag" because they were known for breaking the dress code.

My boss was describing a haunted house that she went to, and she was saying how it wasnt as scary as she would have liked it to be, and she kept describing it as being "gay" because she wasnt having fun.

I keep thinking how many people will I have to talk to about this before it stops? I feel like no matter what I do I will be surrounded by these people....I will NOT being staying in phoenix longer than a year. I will not be able to take this very much longer.

 tomorrow    2007-10-29 16:56:32 ET
is wacky dress day at work.

I am excited to wear whatever the hell I want to work....

ALSO (yes this one is big!)

I get to wear jeans to work all week!!!!!!


(this rules harder than you can even know)

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