PRISM!    2007-02-09 10:31:08 ET
Im sitting in the PRISM office right now....I wasnt allowed back into the meeting that decides if we get funding for our event, so I figured I would come and kill some time in here...since someone is supposed to be in the office at all times, I figured I would do it, instead of waiting out in the hall doing nothing.

lately I have felt like my memory is getting better, I have been remembering to do things Im supposed to be doing, but I forget little things and have been misplacing my possesions more...I have lately been writing out text messages, and never sending them, and not realizing it until hours later...LAME!

 its been a long time    2006-12-29 14:00:18 ET
I shouldnt have left you with out a dope beat to step to Step to, step to, step to
Step to, step to

just kidding, but it has really been a long time since I have been on here and actually looked at people's journals. Its crazy! I used to check this every day, and now, I never do.


 currently:    2006-11-30 09:59:37 ET
I am:
-rearranging my room
-condensing all of my posters
-hanging the giant painting my sister made for me
-cleaning my room
-making really good use of the staple gun I bought

right now I am taking a lunch break. this is taking a lot longer than I want it to...but its mostly because I keep getting distracted. I am really excited for when it is done.

 blah!    2006-11-24 04:30:27 ET
thats how I feel right now. also, I have been coughing so much that my abs hurt....ouch!

 rockafella yall    2006-11-14 13:17:24 ET
two things:

1.Im in the prism office, and the internet on campus is super slow

2.Im so freakin tired its insane! (okay one more thing)

c. I hate internet explorer.....okay, thats it for now.

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