new entry.    2006-10-10 02:12:54 ET
I have had a lot of random thoughts going through my mind lately. (sadly I can only remember a few of them) I think its because I worked and didnt really have anyone to talk to. I never really noticed, but my cheeks get red when I'm tired, a co-worker pointed it out, and its true, they are deffinately more red....well they arent usually red, I guess normally they are a light pink, but when I'm tired, they are red. which reminds me, I got a new red nail polish (if you know me,then you know I like red nail polish) its a really nice red...but its very hard to get off. which brings me to my next topic....someone left a bag of nail products in my room (for example: nail files, nail buffers, other nail things) the bag has been in here for roughly 3 days and nobody has come forth and claimed it to be theirs...Im going to start a lost and found box in my room for all the stuff that ends up in here. I have 2 t-shirts that I found in my room that belongs to nobody apparently, I asked everyone I know, and they all said it wasnt its mine now. I think there will be a limit on the lost and found box...if the item is in there longer than a week, then I get to do whatever I want to with it...I think thats fair. anywho, before I go to bed:


I'm off to the land of sleep now.
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 today at work    2006-10-01 04:41:27 ET
I got my left hand stuck in a conveyor belt....this has happened before (maria said it happened to her too...thats right, I'm not going to be the only one who looks stupid) but it was never as bad as it was today. when it happened before I could just pull my hand out, but today, my hand got sucked in pretty far and was stuck, I was quick enough with my cat like reflexes to stop the machine before anything really bad happened...I just couldnt get it out. so they had to bring a crowbar over and pry out my had. I felt like an ass....and it got smashed and looked all kinds of crazy right after it happened...everyone in the press room thought it was broken for the first 10 minutes afterward...luckily it isnt, its just the tiniest bit swollen, and a little red. I had to sit around for about 45 minutes with two ice packs on my hand to make sure it didnt get swollen too bad. I freaked out my boss though, she kept saying "is it broken?! do I need to take you to the e.r.?!" thats pretty much how work went. everyone got a good laugh out of it, it was a fun night.

 mini-break    2006-09-26 01:55:39 ET
(I'm not sure if that is supposed to be hyphenated..but oh well) I will be having the next three days off....I'm really excited. This happens every week, I only work part time, so I only have to work four days a week, but it seems like the next three days will be fun. This might be because tomorrow (well...technically today) is Jo's birthday...and the day after that is mine, so I am excited. I have also been having crappy days at work, so this time of is going to rule so hard. (plus my room is clean, and that always makes me feel better)

anywho, I'm off to get ready for bed...good night to all.

 fun in the sun    2006-09-14 13:32:39 ET
I ran for advocacy chair for PRISM (the queer group on campus)I wasnt sure if I would get it because I wasnt able to go to the meeting this week. I ended up getting it. BUT I have to share it with another girl. I was really excited that I got it, but a lot of prism members didnt know who I was...this is upsetting for the following reasons:

last semester there were hardly any members and I was at every meeting. also, I was at every fundraiser and ever prism event. I went to every e-board meeting even before I was a student. I participated at every booth that was set up...I actually set up a lot of the booths. every event included me, the vice president and the secretary... and nobody else. I also helped plan meetings and shiz.....I'm glad I got it, but I want to take the other girl out. she didnt know what a panel was...which is one of our biggest jobs.....I know what one is, I cant participate in one, but I have been to some...she hasnt I feel I am much more qualified for the job.....
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 fear of sleep    2006-09-08 03:34:42 ET
I need to go see the movie "Science of sleep" for two reasons:

1) Gael Garcia is in it....I like him, he is nice to look at.
2) (the most important reason) the strokes song "fear of sleep" is used in the trailer......this really, really, REALLY makes me want to see it. it comes out on september if any of you want to go see it with me let me know (ps. I also wrote down the date so I will remember it....but umm, yeah, thats all)

there are three reasons...the third:
it was made by the creators of Eternal Sunshine of the
Spotless Mind...good stuff.

ps. hearing that song made me feel really good, I need to listen to it more.
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