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2006-09-14 13:32:39 ET

I ran for advocacy chair for PRISM (the queer group on campus)I wasnt sure if I would get it because I wasnt able to go to the meeting this week. I ended up getting it. BUT I have to share it with another girl. I was really excited that I got it, but a lot of prism members didnt know who I was...this is upsetting for the following reasons:

last semester there were hardly any members and I was at every meeting. also, I was at every fundraiser and ever prism event. I went to every e-board meeting even before I was a student. I participated at every booth that was set up...I actually set up a lot of the booths. every event included me, the vice president and the secretary... and nobody else. I also helped plan meetings and shiz.....I'm glad I got it, but I want to take the other girl out. she didnt know what a panel was...which is one of our biggest jobs.....I know what one is, I cant participate in one, but I have been to some...she hasnt I feel I am much more qualified for the job.....

2006-09-14 18:58:59 ET

isn't the co-chair, eli? dude? she went to all the meetings last year, pretty much. she was generally a really good member. also, you need a co-chair becuase mary lou is way more involved this semester and you need someone on the paper work so they don't realize you're not enrolled!

i don't know, i think it's fair that it's a co-chair position and i think eli was a good general member and will be a good asset to you.

all the people coming to the meetings are new (freshman) and it's really important to just get to know them and keep numbers up and not alienate them. the'll get to know you. you can't fault them for not going to college sooner, ya know?

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