2006-09-26 01:55:39 ET

(I'm not sure if that is supposed to be hyphenated..but oh well) I will be having the next three days off....I'm really excited. This happens every week, I only work part time, so I only have to work four days a week, but it seems like the next three days will be fun. This might be because tomorrow (well...technically today) is Jo's birthday...and the day after that is mine, so I am excited. I have also been having crappy days at work, so this time of is going to rule so hard. (plus my room is clean, and that always makes me feel better)

anywho, I'm off to get ready for bed...good night to all.

2006-09-26 22:20:19 ET


2006-09-27 02:25:54 ET

I KNOW!!!!

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