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2006-10-10 02:12:54 ET

I have had a lot of random thoughts going through my mind lately. (sadly I can only remember a few of them) I think its because I worked and didnt really have anyone to talk to. I never really noticed, but my cheeks get red when I'm tired, a co-worker pointed it out, and its true, they are deffinately more red....well they arent usually red, I guess normally they are a light pink, but when I'm tired, they are red. which reminds me, I got a new red nail polish (if you know me,then you know I like red nail polish) its a really nice red...but its very hard to get off. which brings me to my next topic....someone left a bag of nail products in my room (for example: nail files, nail buffers, other nail things) the bag has been in here for roughly 3 days and nobody has come forth and claimed it to be theirs...Im going to start a lost and found box in my room for all the stuff that ends up in here. I have 2 t-shirts that I found in my room that belongs to nobody apparently, I asked everyone I know, and they all said it wasnt its mine now. I think there will be a limit on the lost and found box...if the item is in there longer than a week, then I get to do whatever I want to with it...I think thats fair. anywho, before I go to bed:


I'm off to the land of sleep now.

2006-10-10 04:40:58 ET

dammit sarah thats my bag and its been there sense yesterday!

sarah "no sense of time" yohe everyone.

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