sleepy (again.......... probably)    2006-08-21 01:33:49 ET
I got off work a bit ago. I was reallly surprised that we got off so early. shit is crazy at work. there isnt very much room for us to stack the newspapers, we are understaffed, and the machines are either fucking up or broken, so me getting off at 2:30ish is CRAZY!

I am pretty sure that everyone at work thinks the following of me:

that I am weird, but nice, or that I am just quite. A lot of times I feel like people just see me as some stupid girl. I think this because unless I am in the comfort of my friends, then I generally dont talk. (actually even if my friends are around, I sometimes still have a hard time talking to people I am not close with) I am terrible at making conversation. I dont know why, I just am. so when maria isnt at work with me, I usually just bring a book and my cds and dont really talk to anyone (dont think I havent tried talking to people...I have, it doesnt work), which is why they probably think I am weird.

I feel like people see me this way a lot (If they have met me a few times, and dont really know me) but it is mostly my fault because I cant talk. A lot of times I will be standing by someone who would at least be considered an acquaintance, and I will be trying to think of something to talk about, I will think of topics in my head, and sometimes I will start a conversation, but it ends within about 2 sentences......and then there is this awkward silence....its never good.

 call off the search    2006-08-16 13:34:18 ET
I found my wallet. It was under my laundry basket.....again. this was the third time I have lost it in probably the past two weeks. and one of the other times it was under my laundry basket. I am assuming what happened was this: I left it in my pants pockets, threw them in the basket, and it fell out while the pants were hanging over the side...probably. and then I didnt notice it falling out and just thought that I put it somewhere and dont remember. (you may be thinking to is that even possible? but it is for me because I have a horrible memory) I'll have to remember to check there first if I loose it again (hopefully not)

 At Last    2006-08-13 15:50:27 ET
I finally got around to cleaning my room today. I only really did it today (instead of on one of my days off) because I woke up at like 1:30ish. but yeah, its clean, and vacuumed (with a good one too!) I now want to get a small dresser, and a bed stand, heck I might even get crazy and get a desk for my computer too. on my next day off (Tuesday) I will be re-arranging the stuff on my walls so I can put up the painting my sister sent me. I havent put it up yet because it is so damn big. but there will be room for it as soon as I get around to it.....which should be Tuesday.

 Thanksgiving in August    2006-08-10 21:20:25 ET
Today me and my roommates and next door neighbors made thanksgiving dinner. we made everything, except the cranberry sauce, and the dinner rolls (they were frozen) our feast consisted of:
-turkey (of course)
-very small ham (nobody really ate this)
-mashed potatoes and gravy
-green been casserole
-dinner rolls
-cranberry sauce
-pumpkin pie

it was all really good. I love thanksgiving, and I LOVE green been casserole! and now there are a bunch of left overs. (YES!)

we also watched V for Vendetta, it was good, I liked it. I am a fan of Hugo weaving, who ruled in the movie. I respect him and his work.

the end.

 good news I woke up!    2006-08-01 05:49:25 ET
I am awake, which means I can apply to other jobs! (yes!!!!!!) I am excited.

I decided no more bleaching my hair.....ever.

I really like having red hair... but it doesnt feel too nice (it feels kind gross), and its not shining to its full I am starting to not like it as much as when it was first dyed. I cant even give it as many "sorry hair, here's some conditioner" treatments like the last time I bleached my hair, because the red fades like CRAZY if I do that. not to mention that my roots are showing and I'm scared to bleach it. I have to use super strong bleach (because my hair is super dark naturally) and it hurt so bad last time I bleached it, I'm not sure I want to endure that pain again.

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