obstinate    2006-08-01 00:31:12 ET
I had a lot of fun at the show tonight. I'm really glad I got the day off so I could go. I hope I'm not too tired to wake up in the morning and find another job though... I was supposed to do that today...but, I was so delirious tired I didnt do anything I planed on doing, except go to the show. well I'm off to bed.
(to all of you in subkultures land cross your fingers that I'll wake up in the morning and find a new job)
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 today    2006-07-26 15:59:03 ET
I went to donate plasma at the plasma center. (I dont know why I say donate....or why other people do too, because you get paid to do it, so its not really donating...but anywho)so I went and I have donated several times before, and never had a problem. after donated today I felt fine, just like I had never donated at all, just like every other time I donated. I got paid and went home. when I got home Jo said she was hungry and I said, "I can take you to the sonic if you want" to which she said, "hang on I need to put on pants" I said "okay, I'm really thirsty, I'm gonna get some water then we can leave" (note: donating plasma makes you thirsty....that is the only effect of donating I had ever experienced before) I went to start putting ice in my cup and the next thing I knew I woke up to josephine screaming for our roommate Paul and me lying on the floor. I passed the fuck out! Jo said she walked out of her room and saw me start to stagger so she ran over and caught me before I hit the ground (which was very nice of her, considering I would have hit my head on the tile....possibly damaging it...maybe) I really freaked her out. when I woke up I felt fine again....but I decided to lay on the floor for a bit longer, I didnt want to sit up too fast and get dizzy or pass out again. Jo called the doctor at the plasma center to find out what specific food I should eat so I get better, we then went to get food, at which point I started to feel really nauseous. I ended up puking up all the fluids I drank...and some of the food I ate. not fun, I then ended up sleeping off the rest of the day up until a few minutes ago. today has been crazy so far. I was supposed to help my friend move, but I didnt because I just fell asleep shorty after eating a bit of food, and pizza club kind of got fucked up because of me.... but I am going to see a movie...hopefully it will get better.

 so while at work I was thinking    2006-07-25 01:48:48 ET
because that is what I do there. I get bored a lot...especially if I'm not working with one of my friends. so anywho, I was sitting around thinking and I realized that I havent got the hiccups in years. I will sometimes (its very rare) hiccup, but only once...there is only one hiccup and it only happens after the one of the two following occur:

situation one: I will be eating something that is hot (temperature wise, not spicy) and then drink something cold...this will cause a hiccup, but let me repeat. only one hiccup

situation two: I eat something cold and follow up with a warm drink, this too will cause a hiccup. but only one.

I hiccuped at work today. it was only one, and I thought to myself, man it has been a long time since I had a series of hiccups. I kind of miss them, I want them to come back, come back!!!!!!!!!!!!

 grrrrr (not the cat)    2006-07-22 03:43:56 ET
I just tried to check my email several times now....apparently gmail is deciding not to work...Im really angry (SARAH SMASH!) in fact I am so angry I keep misspelling words (not like I normally do, like I am in a rage and keep hitting the wrong keys) and its driving me insane!

on a lighter note...I just finished watching Little Nicky with jo and maria...man I forgot how that movie makes me laugh....that is all
the end
by sarah yohe


pps. thank god for spell check

 my weekend    2006-07-20 02:08:01 ET
these pictures pretty much sum up my weekend:


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