so while at work I was thinking
2006-07-25 01:48:48 ET

because that is what I do there. I get bored a lot...especially if I'm not working with one of my friends. so anywho, I was sitting around thinking and I realized that I havent got the hiccups in years. I will sometimes (its very rare) hiccup, but only once...there is only one hiccup and it only happens after the one of the two following occur:

situation one: I will be eating something that is hot (temperature wise, not spicy) and then drink something cold...this will cause a hiccup, but let me repeat. only one hiccup

situation two: I eat something cold and follow up with a warm drink, this too will cause a hiccup. but only one.

I hiccuped at work today. it was only one, and I thought to myself, man it has been a long time since I had a series of hiccups. I kind of miss them, I want them to come back, come back!!!!!!!!!!!!

2006-07-25 01:50:31 ET

because you're a freak, sarah, and that's all there is to it.

2006-07-25 08:32:55 ET

I get painful hiccups that trigger asthma problems.
(I have light asthma, I don't take medication for it)
My hiccups are deep and long and last for an hour.
I don't get them often, lucky enough.
I envy you.

2006-07-25 22:19:28 ET

i get pissed when i get the hiccups ... i feel like cursing ... it pisses me off

2006-07-26 05:34:27 ET

I really miss them, they dont make me all.

2006-07-26 16:07:20 ET

I get hiccups that last hours and by the time the end is near each hiccup makes my head want to pop off and explode because of the pressure.


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