2006-07-26 15:59:03 ET

I went to donate plasma at the plasma center. (I dont know why I say donate....or why other people do too, because you get paid to do it, so its not really donating...but anywho)so I went and I have donated several times before, and never had a problem. after donated today I felt fine, just like I had never donated at all, just like every other time I donated. I got paid and went home. when I got home Jo said she was hungry and I said, "I can take you to the sonic if you want" to which she said, "hang on I need to put on pants" I said "okay, I'm really thirsty, I'm gonna get some water then we can leave" (note: donating plasma makes you thirsty....that is the only effect of donating I had ever experienced before) I went to start putting ice in my cup and the next thing I knew I woke up to josephine screaming for our roommate Paul and me lying on the floor. I passed the fuck out! Jo said she walked out of her room and saw me start to stagger so she ran over and caught me before I hit the ground (which was very nice of her, considering I would have hit my head on the tile....possibly damaging it...maybe) I really freaked her out. when I woke up I felt fine again....but I decided to lay on the floor for a bit longer, I didnt want to sit up too fast and get dizzy or pass out again. Jo called the doctor at the plasma center to find out what specific food I should eat so I get better, we then went to get food, at which point I started to feel really nauseous. I ended up puking up all the fluids I drank...and some of the food I ate. not fun, I then ended up sleeping off the rest of the day up until a few minutes ago. today has been crazy so far. I was supposed to help my friend move, but I didnt because I just fell asleep shorty after eating a bit of food, and pizza club kind of got fucked up because of me.... but I am going to see a movie...hopefully it will get better.

2006-07-26 16:08:32 ET


2006-07-26 22:28:30 ET

it must have something you saaaaaaaaaaid!

( by the way ... i had about half of a 32oz bag of dinner mints in about an hour ... this is a problem ... im going to go jogging now)

2006-07-27 01:00:07 ET

and people wonder why i don't ever let anyone take my blood ... or plasma.

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