mariana inspired    2006-07-08 01:15:24 ET
I was thinking the other day (it was probably actually a week ago or something) about how 20 years is sometimes a lot or a little. its really weird, because if you say "oh I'm 20 years old" people will say "oh youre so young." but that same person will talk about 20 years as if it is a long time. they will say that they havent done something in 20 years, or havent seen someone in 20 years and it will be a very long time to them, but when it comes to age, it is nothing. weird....

sorry I just re-read what I wrote and I'm not really doing a good job explaining what I'm trying to say. (sometimes I'm just bad at talking.... hopefully what I'm trying to say is understandable even though I'm not explaining it well) this is just a thought that has been floating around in my head...but I forget things if I dont write them down (yes I have the memory of an old man...its just something I live with), and I ran out of space in my little notebook that I usually carry around with me to write things down that I want to remember later (some of you may have seen this notebook from time to time and know about it)

 today    2006-07-04 22:43:10 ET
I had a lot of fun today. I woke up at around one or two in the afternoon, hung out a bit with heather, and then went over to celeste's house.

I had some delicious food that was cooked by her parents.

(fact: I love mexican food, especially home cooked mexican food)

her parents made rice (some of the best rice I've ever had), flour tortillas (that werent home cooked, but they were from they were the good kind), guacamole (it looked good, I didnt eat any, because I dont like guacamole, but it looked good), carne asada (I usually am not a big fan of steak..but it was DELICIOUS) and the best part (for me at least) was the I LOVE a good salsa! (I usually prefer green salsa, its my favorite, but this one wasnt even a green salsa...and I loved it, thats how good it was)

after eating we played a bunch of board games. we played: "imaginiff" a really fun game to play with a group of friends, "catch phrase" one of my favorite games of all time.....its so much fun, and "crainium" (which I never played before, I kind of sucked at it, I'm usually pretty good at games like that, I may have been so full of delicious food that I wasnt at peak performance) I was really happy that I got to spend time with my friends. I never really have time to do anything outside of work, so today was great.

 I think....oh god YES!!!!!    2006-07-04 01:59:09 ET
I have successfully turned off my caps lock (as some of you may know) the effing key was stuck for a while, I got it to stop being stuck, and then It got stuck again. but now it is off, so maybe I can prevent this from happening again by not using the key. or maybe I will just get a new keyboard...hmm.

new keyboard is probably the best I think I will go with that.

I'm really now I'm off to bed.

 some crazy ass guy    2006-07-02 03:52:50 ET
let me tell you all about a man I met last night:

this man was a temp, you see two of my bosses are out of town, and since Saturdays are the busiest days of the week (because that is when the Sunday paper is put together) they got the temp service to have someone come in. anywho....this man was insane...he was on some sort of drugs...I dont know what, but he was on something.

first of all, he was given the easiest job you could possibly have. (this is understandable, since he doesnt work there, so he cant be expected to know how to run the machines) but he managed to mess it up. all he had to do was hand one of the other girls papers to feed into the machine....but he was sitting around, not really doing it. and starting and stopping the machine at inappropriate times.

whenever there was a paper jam and someone stopped it to pull out the paper, he would take it upon himself to start the machine, while several people's hands were in the machine...luckily nobody got hurt.

the man also decided that he was one of the best looking creatures alive and kept lifting up his shirt to look at his belly and breasts...thats right he had breasts. he would then look at himself through the reflection in the window, and admire himself instead of working. (note to everyone who wasnt present during this event this guy was one of the least attractive men I've ever seen in my life....seriously, I'm not exaggerating)

he basically spent all day slowing everything down (by a LOT not just the "its my first day and I dont really know whats going on slow" it was an "I'm an idiot moron who cant do anything right slow")

I just found out when I got home that my two good friends will be moving next door to me (well maybe not exactly next door, but they will atleast be in the same complex as me) you may have read about some of this alread in josephine's journal...but I am just so excited about the whole thing that I felt the need to talk about it.

I was really tired at work today, so it sucked...not really because of work, but just because I was so tired...but now that I got the good news, I'm too excited to sleep....hopefully I will acutally fall asleep sometime soon though...I need my rest.

I guess thats it for now....IM SO EXCITED!!!!!!

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