2006-07-04 22:43:10 ET

I had a lot of fun today. I woke up at around one or two in the afternoon, hung out a bit with heather, and then went over to celeste's house.

I had some delicious food that was cooked by her parents.

(fact: I love mexican food, especially home cooked mexican food)

her parents made rice (some of the best rice I've ever had), flour tortillas (that werent home cooked, but they were from they were the good kind), guacamole (it looked good, I didnt eat any, because I dont like guacamole, but it looked good), carne asada (I usually am not a big fan of steak..but it was DELICIOUS) and the best part (for me at least) was the I LOVE a good salsa! (I usually prefer green salsa, its my favorite, but this one wasnt even a green salsa...and I loved it, thats how good it was)

after eating we played a bunch of board games. we played: "imaginiff" a really fun game to play with a group of friends, "catch phrase" one of my favorite games of all time.....its so much fun, and "crainium" (which I never played before, I kind of sucked at it, I'm usually pretty good at games like that, I may have been so full of delicious food that I wasnt at peak performance) I was really happy that I got to spend time with my friends. I never really have time to do anything outside of work, so today was great.

2006-07-05 02:24:19 ET

fuck i miss celeste's parents. they rule. I am sad that i had to work.

2006-07-05 06:32:20 ET

I love avacodos more than my family.
How dare you not eat guacamole.

2006-07-05 08:49:44 ET

maria: yep, they do rule, and they make great food

spacematt: I'm sorry, I just dont like them. I cant really say anthing else.

2006-07-05 10:09:13 ET

i still owe celeste's dad some cherries becuase i ate all the ones at his house like 3 yrs ago.

2006-07-05 13:16:52 ET

i love avocado .... but i hate guacamole. go figure.

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