I think....oh god YES!!!!!
2006-07-04 01:59:09 ET

I have successfully turned off my caps lock (as some of you may know) the effing key was stuck for a while, I got it to stop being stuck, and then It got stuck again. but now it is off, so maybe I can prevent this from happening again by not using the key. or maybe I will just get a new keyboard...hmm.

new keyboard is probably the best option...so I think I will go with that.

I'm really sleepy...so now I'm off to bed.

2006-07-04 04:05:10 ET

Your keyboard was angry because you haven't cleaned the crumbs out of it and it had no other way of expressing its feelings.

You know.


2006-07-04 04:12:08 ET

thing about sarah is her inside voice is always her outside voice so the caps lock was totally appropriate.

2006-07-04 04:14:30 ET

Oh. Well.

You know I haven't slept a whole lot.

2006-07-04 13:02:56 ET

bedlam: no, its not dirty....its just crazy

jo: if that were true, then why can you ever hear me when I'm talking?! hmmm?

2006-07-04 15:46:33 ET

because whispers, i was being sarcastic.

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