some crazy ass guy
2006-07-02 03:52:50 ET

let me tell you all about a man I met last night:

this man was a temp, you see two of my bosses are out of town, and since Saturdays are the busiest days of the week (because that is when the Sunday paper is put together) they got the temp service to have someone come in. anywho....this man was insane...he was on some sort of drugs...I dont know what, but he was on something.

first of all, he was given the easiest job you could possibly have. (this is understandable, since he doesnt work there, so he cant be expected to know how to run the machines) but he managed to mess it up. all he had to do was hand one of the other girls papers to feed into the machine....but he was sitting around, not really doing it. and starting and stopping the machine at inappropriate times.

whenever there was a paper jam and someone stopped it to pull out the paper, he would take it upon himself to start the machine, while several people's hands were in the machine...luckily nobody got hurt.

the man also decided that he was one of the best looking creatures alive and kept lifting up his shirt to look at his belly and breasts...thats right he had breasts. he would then look at himself through the reflection in the window, and admire himself instead of working. (note to everyone who wasnt present during this event this guy was one of the least attractive men I've ever seen in my life....seriously, I'm not exaggerating)

he basically spent all day slowing everything down (by a LOT not just the "its my first day and I dont really know whats going on slow" it was an "I'm an idiot moron who cant do anything right slow")

2006-07-02 05:10:19 ET

the man had areolas the size of saucers, and they were black as the night!

2006-07-02 13:37:40 ET

its true...I was there

2006-07-03 19:41:39 ET

voodoo lady? what kind of name is that. are you a gypsy?! huh?! are you??????

2006-07-04 01:36:53 ET

HEY its a league refrence CRAZY (but you wouldnt know that would you)

2006-07-04 02:35:00 ET

I like how he tried to singlehandedly injure every last employee in the building. maybe he wasn't really twacked out on meth ... maybe it was some nefarious plot to eliminate us from the job so he and his cohorts (probably all on drugs) could come in, take over, and rule the mailroom!

or maybe he was just a fucking idiot.

2006-07-04 13:04:54 ET

yeah, I'm going to go with the "idiot" theory....I'm pretty sure it is true.

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