mariana inspired
2006-07-08 01:15:24 ET

I was thinking the other day (it was probably actually a week ago or something) about how 20 years is sometimes a lot or a little. its really weird, because if you say "oh I'm 20 years old" people will say "oh youre so young." but that same person will talk about 20 years as if it is a long time. they will say that they havent done something in 20 years, or havent seen someone in 20 years and it will be a very long time to them, but when it comes to age, it is nothing. weird....

sorry I just re-read what I wrote and I'm not really doing a good job explaining what I'm trying to say. (sometimes I'm just bad at talking.... hopefully what I'm trying to say is understandable even though I'm not explaining it well) this is just a thought that has been floating around in my head...but I forget things if I dont write them down (yes I have the memory of an old man...its just something I live with), and I ran out of space in my little notebook that I usually carry around with me to write things down that I want to remember later (some of you may have seen this notebook from time to time and know about it)

2006-07-08 10:44:46 ET

I know exactly what you mean when you talk about the 20 yrs thing .I think we've talked about this before ... late at night when im yapping and you are trying to sleep then all of a sudden you start shushing me... you know.

2006-07-08 13:25:14 ET

I know exactly what you mean. I constantly think about the same subject. It took twenty years to get where I am. But its really not that much. I sometimes worry that i'll be so old at 50 but then I think various people at that age aren't sooo old and life starts at 50.

2006-07-08 21:42:28 ET

sarah ... too bad you are so far ... i miss you.

2006-07-09 03:55:57 ET

I miss you too, but....

one week until I get to see you!!!!!

2006-07-09 11:23:53 ET

Oh i know ...this brings a tingle in my pants.

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