2006-06-30 02:01:23 ET

I just found out when I got home that my two good friends will be moving next door to me (well maybe not exactly next door, but they will atleast be in the same complex as me) you may have read about some of this alread in josephine's journal...but I am just so excited about the whole thing that I felt the need to talk about it.

I was really tired at work today, so it sucked...not really because of work, but just because I was so tired...but now that I got the good news, I'm too excited to sleep....hopefully I will acutally fall asleep sometime soon though...I need my rest.

I guess thats it for now....IM SO EXCITED!!!!!!

2006-07-01 10:00:26 ET

so when (if i do ) visit we won't have to walk a whole half a block to see celeste or kaelen

2006-07-01 12:06:19 ET

exactly! we will just go next door.

2006-07-01 21:48:01 ET

hell ... lets just knock the wall down.

2006-07-02 03:38:57 ET

I agree! brilliant!

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