Thanksgiving in August
2006-08-10 21:20:25 ET

Today me and my roommates and next door neighbors made thanksgiving dinner. we made everything, except the cranberry sauce, and the dinner rolls (they were frozen) our feast consisted of:
-turkey (of course)
-very small ham (nobody really ate this)
-mashed potatoes and gravy
-green been casserole
-dinner rolls
-cranberry sauce
-pumpkin pie

it was all really good. I love thanksgiving, and I LOVE green been casserole! and now there are a bunch of left overs. (YES!)

we also watched V for Vendetta, it was good, I liked it. I am a fan of Hugo weaving, who ruled in the movie. I respect him and his work.

the end.

2006-08-10 21:32:58 ET

god i want to have hugo weavings children!

2006-08-11 07:55:36 ET

I know you do.....whore!

2006-08-11 10:18:43 ET

hugo w is now a hottie!!!

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