good news I woke up!
2006-08-01 05:49:25 ET

I am awake, which means I can apply to other jobs! (yes!!!!!!) I am excited.

I decided no more bleaching my hair.....ever.

I really like having red hair... but it doesnt feel too nice (it feels kind gross), and its not shining to its full I am starting to not like it as much as when it was first dyed. I cant even give it as many "sorry hair, here's some conditioner" treatments like the last time I bleached my hair, because the red fades like CRAZY if I do that. not to mention that my roots are showing and I'm scared to bleach it. I have to use super strong bleach (because my hair is super dark naturally) and it hurt so bad last time I bleached it, I'm not sure I want to endure that pain again.

2006-08-01 07:57:38 ET

:/ Hair hates to be something its not. my hair shares the same feelings. Fuck red!

2006-08-01 08:04:40 ET

beauty is pain! deal with it and quit your bitching.

2006-08-01 08:07:18 ET

I suffer much pain where is my pay off? I STILL HAVE BELLY BUTTON LINT no matter what I do!!!!

*sob sob cry*

2006-08-01 08:09:17 ET

dude thats what q tips and hydrogen peroxide are for.

2006-08-01 08:16:33 ET


well thats what I get for buying p tips

2006-08-01 08:52:59 ET

*update* I called for a job....looks good...I think I might get it (crosses fingers)

2006-08-01 10:28:33 ET

what job?
i need to know hurry

2006-08-01 12:13:05 ET

get a haircut and a job

2006-08-01 15:41:30 ET

emily-I dont want a hair cut.....I dont want my hair to be shorter....

so, no to haircuts.

mariana-I'll tell you aboout it when I get to talk to you.

2006-08-03 15:23:17 ET

i have today off if you check this before 1 in the am .

2006-08-04 00:41:11 ET

I got home a bit after 2am...sorry

2006-08-05 22:39:45 ET

im excited to see you

2006-08-08 08:17:57 ET

I saw you...and it was good!

2006-08-08 22:01:15 ET

real good.

2006-08-09 01:56:10 ET


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