today at work
2006-10-01 04:41:27 ET

I got my left hand stuck in a conveyor belt....this has happened before (maria said it happened to her too...thats right, I'm not going to be the only one who looks stupid) but it was never as bad as it was today. when it happened before I could just pull my hand out, but today, my hand got sucked in pretty far and was stuck, I was quick enough with my cat like reflexes to stop the machine before anything really bad happened...I just couldnt get it out. so they had to bring a crowbar over and pry out my had. I felt like an ass....and it got smashed and looked all kinds of crazy right after it happened...everyone in the press room thought it was broken for the first 10 minutes afterward...luckily it isnt, its just the tiniest bit swollen, and a little red. I had to sit around for about 45 minutes with two ice packs on my hand to make sure it didnt get swollen too bad. I freaked out my boss though, she kept saying "is it broken?! do I need to take you to the e.r.?!" thats pretty much how work went. everyone got a good laugh out of it, it was a fun night.

2006-10-01 04:45:17 ET

ohhhh sarah. you had to wait til I was in the bathroom for your hand to get stuck. I get scott relaying the news while holding a crowbar. haha. oh man.

is it hot in here or is it just me?

2006-10-01 08:29:42 ET

Conveyor belts can be fun for pretend surfing and stuff!

I once worked in a cold storage facility, that had a conveyor belt that was always breaking down on a weekly basis. This one guy on our crew was lazier then crap. And would fall asleep in the freezers all the time. One day while pulling an order, he fell asleep on the conveyor belt. And drooled. So his face got stuck. When we started the belt up, we didn't realize this till we heard a muffled screaming noise. Stopped the belt and moved the vestible flaps to one side. All of us went into the freezer and laughed for about ten minutes. Sprayed a mixture of simple green and some other chemicals near his cheek and lip.And on the count of three....One, two...*rippppppp....removed his face from the belt. It peeled all the skin off his lip and cheek. Looked as if he had been biatch slapped royaly!

2006-10-01 20:11:56 ET

im sorry about your hand ... im not sorry i got to see you though.

2006-10-07 12:31:43 ET

remember how i was asking you if it was you that told me the story about you and your family watching the last episode of m*a*s*h* and it was the first time you had seen your father cry ? well i feel like an idiot because i was reading "perks of being a wall flower" and i was like " oooooooooh " and then i laughed and then i called your house 3x times to tell you because i thought it was hilarious but you weren't home i guess ... just letting you know ... have a good day .

2006-10-07 15:33:31 ET

yeah...that was from perks of being a wallflower...I knew that, I dont know why I didnt tell you that....I hate mash, I always change the channel when it comes on...and I've only seen maybe 2 minutes of the show my whole life

2006-10-07 22:18:07 ET

i felt so stupid when i was reading it...

2006-10-08 03:02:47 ET

if it makes you feel better, shit like that happens to me all the time.

2006-10-08 09:34:52 ET

it might be part of my " sarah withdrawals" i think im going to callyou aloicious ( sp) it suits you ... and now you are baptized.

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