e board    2006-11-10 00:36:52 ET
we had our e-board retreat...it was loads of fun! we played mafia and catch phrase...two of my favorite games......Im so glad that I went.

 my room is a mess    2006-10-29 01:16:30 ET
it actually is too. (a lot of times I say it is a mess...but there are just an extra pair of shoes on the floor or something like that but this time, it really is) I dont feel like cleaning it either (which is also weird...if you know me, then you will know this is true) I dont know why I havent cleaned it, I just havent.

also, our electricity has been going off in some rooms lately (it usually happens when both space heaters, are on). our landlady said she was sending someone over saterday evening to look at it (which to me was today, because it was right before I left for work....but technically it would be "yesterday" but to me its not...but anyway, back to the main point) so I dont really know if the guy actually came over, Im assuming he did. but he apparently didnt fix the problem, because just as I was logging in, the power in my room went out, very annoying.

(now 2 hours later) I cleaned my room....I feel better now.
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 being sick sucks    2006-10-26 05:34:04 ET
I just want to be able to breathe out of my nose...is that so much to ask!
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 upupdowndownleftrightleftrightbastart    2006-10-23 07:21:59 ET
good music that has been played on the radio lately (while I am at work):
-bizarre love triangle (new order)
-policy of truth (depeche mode)
-melt with you (modern english)
-I'm gonna be (the proclaimers)
there were a few others, but at the moment I cant remember them. I am having trouble sleeping right now because my throat hurts really bad. I think it might be strep...I did see a few white spots on my tonsils, so thats probably what it is...but I'm crossing my fingers for just a sore throat. in other good news I got my "I'm an ally" pin that I ordered. I'm so excited to have it. I get to talk about national ally week at the next prism week, as well as give a little history lesson at the next PRISM meeting, I am excited.

(before I end this, I just wanted to let any readers know that my asshole neighbor above me decided to play his music really loud...he is doing this because I have a cd playing right now...but mine isnt really loud, his is. he does this any time I put music on, one of my roommates tried to say its just coincidence...but I know he is trying to battle me)

 step inside the party disrupt the whole scene    2006-10-12 13:33:13 ET
I've been going over lines from a legz akimbo skit...we will be performing it tonight, and I'm so exciting!

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