2006-10-23 07:21:59 ET

good music that has been played on the radio lately (while I am at work):
-bizarre love triangle (new order)
-policy of truth (depeche mode)
-melt with you (modern english)
-I'm gonna be (the proclaimers)
there were a few others, but at the moment I cant remember them. I am having trouble sleeping right now because my throat hurts really bad. I think it might be strep...I did see a few white spots on my tonsils, so thats probably what it is...but I'm crossing my fingers for just a sore throat. in other good news I got my "I'm an ally" pin that I ordered. I'm so excited to have it. I get to talk about national ally week at the next prism week, as well as give a little history lesson at the next PRISM meeting, I am excited.

(before I end this, I just wanted to let any readers know that my asshole neighbor above me decided to play his music really loud...he is doing this because I have a cd playing right now...but mine isnt really loud, his is. he does this any time I put music on, one of my roommates tried to say its just coincidence...but I know he is trying to battle me)

2006-10-23 08:02:05 ET

hehehe the Konami code is seeing a resurgence as an internet Meme

I love it.

for battles with neighbors I highly reccomend Death metal, Viking metal, or noise

2006-10-24 02:13:13 ET

I dont think I can ever really beat them....I have a small little cd player, and theirs is really really loud.

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