my room is a mess
2006-10-29 01:16:30 ET

it actually is too. (a lot of times I say it is a mess...but there are just an extra pair of shoes on the floor or something like that but this time, it really is) I dont feel like cleaning it either (which is also weird...if you know me, then you will know this is true) I dont know why I havent cleaned it, I just havent.

also, our electricity has been going off in some rooms lately (it usually happens when both space heaters, are on). our landlady said she was sending someone over saterday evening to look at it (which to me was today, because it was right before I left for work....but technically it would be "yesterday" but to me its not...but anyway, back to the main point) so I dont really know if the guy actually came over, Im assuming he did. but he apparently didnt fix the problem, because just as I was logging in, the power in my room went out, very annoying.

(now 2 hours later) I cleaned my room....I feel better now.

2006-10-29 08:58:07 ET

im watching mulan ... i know i know " of course you are " but i haven't watched it in ages ... it always makes me feel better even though i don't think i can relate to the story whatsoever ... and i don't have any similarities to the character either ... cept for the fact that we both have ginas ... and we both led an army to defeat the huns pretending to be a man but you know other than that i really don't know.

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